• ‘an incredible international showcase’

    CLASH Magazine
  • Cosmic Dog Fog

    Emerging from the cosmic realms during the worldwide lockdown of 2020, Cosmic Dog Fog found solace in the quaint North Wales haven of Sunny Wrexham. This enigmatic duo, shrouded in mystery with their concealed identities and intriguing masks, quickly kindled a digital phenomenon, amassing an engaged online following.
    With an ethereal blend of lo-fi Casio-infused space pop, their live streams became a mesmerising theatre, a portal for audiences into their celestial domain. Their innovative and otherworldly performances served as a sonic beacon, drawing a diverse array of listeners into their orbit.

    Following a stellar year of live performances, including a mesmerising appearance on the main stage at FOCUS Wales 2023, where they shared the limelight with Adwaith, The Coral, and Dafydd Iwan. CDF embarked on a UK tour following the release of their latest single ’Dogs On The Run’ culminating in an epic journey to Canada’s prestigious BreakOut West festival and recently reunited with their hero Gruff Rhys supporting their ‘cosmic dog father’ at the 2024 Trawsnewid Festival in Aberystwyth.

    “A hypnotic fusion of psychedelic rock and experimental sounds that enveloped us in a sonic fog of pure bliss,” said The Line Of The Best Fit magazine, offering a tantalising glimpse into the auditory wonderland that awaits.

    CLASH magazine concurs, hailing their performances as “a mind-altering experience producing an immersive spectacle,” promising an otherworldly ride for all in attendance. And in the words of the legendary Gruff Rhys, “That was an astronomical space jam.”

    Thursday May 9th, 2024 10:15 pmThu @ The Rockin' Chair Room 1