• ‘an absolute smorgasbord of musical delights’

    Under The Radar Magazine
  • Andrea Shipka (enjou, Canada)

    What started as a love of music soon transformed into an all-encompassing
    obsession with every facet of the music industry. Starting as an artist and
    songwriter, Andrea’s deep-seated passion led her to pursue a degree in
    Recording and Production, a milestone she successfully achieved in 2021.
    Throughout her academic endeavours, she gained valuable experience by
    actively participating in festivals and concerts, volunteering her time, and
    eventually securing a contract roles as a production representative for F7,
    MRG, and Live Nation. Amidst this path, Andrea discovered a new love for
    neoclassical and passive music. In 2020, this passion led her to team up
    with David Shoults and Brandon Cathcart, to establish enjou (fka Little
    Symphony Records), a cutting-edge neoclassical record label that aims to
    provide artists a passive income through streaming. While this venture has
    grown and is now her full time job, Andrea continues to fully embrace the
    freelance world and the vibrant Canadian live music scene, working in
    various realms of production, photography, graphic design, recording, and