• ‘Forward thinking welsh music industry showcase’

  • Arin Sharnaz (Tala Records Asia (Scene City Asia))

    Arin Sharnaz has been a champion of the local music industry for the last 15 years. With her wealth of experience and know-how, Arin has established herself as one of the leading patrons of Malaysian music. She founded Tala Records Asia, an event company that has become an invaluable platform for showcasing local artists and took her destiny into her own hands by organising events and music festivals under Tala Records Asia. She has since successfully held multiple events such as Journey to the South, which featured Indonesian indie powerhouses Reality Club and talented Malaysian acts Airliftz and Golden Mammoth, mini-festival Down To Riot, which saw 14 local bands taking to the stage and her inaugural 2D pixelated metaverse platform Revive Arcade Festival, in South East Asia during the pandemic that featured 27 artists across South East Asia.

    With an expanding portfolio, she has been selected to be one of the South East Asia team members called AXEAN, a group of gig/concert promoters, music festival/conference owners, artist managers, music professionals and community leaders from all over Southeast Asia and beyond who are confident in the quality and creativity of Southeast Asian musical talents, and believe that they belong on the world stage alongside global superstars.