• ‘One of the UK’s best festivals’

  • David Agnew (Sound Roots)

    David is director of So It Is Arts – a producing independent company based in Manchester, UK.
    So It Is works in partnership – producing arts and music projects to develop new audiences for new work between festivals and venues, music and theatre. In 2017, So It Is produced the inaugural Manchester Folk Festival in partnership with English Folk Expo which takes place annually across multiple venues over 4 days in October.
    As Artistic Director of The Met in Greater Manchester, David programmes over 200 events a year including touring theatre, music and comedy into the 400 capacity arts centre and local events. The Met also produces specialist music festivals including Big Whistle (May) and 5000 capacity Head for the Hills (September). In 2020, The Met remained at the forefront of presenting arts and culture in partnership with United We Stream reaching global audiences with a weekly digital programme.
    David is head of music programme for Timber Festival and works as a consultant specialising in programme and venue management and talent development for venues and festivals in public, private and charitable sectors.