• ‘Forward thinking welsh music industry showcase’

  • Evrah Rose (Red Roach Records)

    Evrah Rose is the founder and co-director of Red Roach Records. With a background in project management, the two times published author, songwriter and musician has performed to thousands of people at a number of notable events from Apples and Snakes to the Homeless World Cup.

    A regular feature on BBC radio, TV and ITV, Evrah carries a wealth of experience as an independent artist in both music and literature. Not only has Evrah racked up several viral spoken word videos, she has worked with a number of well known organisations including; Wrexham AFC, Shelter Cymru, BBC Bitesize and the FAW, gaining notable fans such as, Neville Southall and Sian Lloyd in the process.

    Transparency, removing financial barriers and effective, sustained growth form the ethos behind Red Roach and after a strong first year, the label now boasts a roster of three producers and two artists with the ability to offer video, production and studio sessions within their package at no cost to the artist.

    As director, Evrah now utilises her wealth of knowledge and vast media connections to guide and support artists to build their careers, acting as label liaison, talent development, and managing communications and strategy.