• Winner of Best Festival for Emerging Talent at UK Festival Awards

  • James Cook (Studio Egret West Ltd)

    From a young age, I have always been fascinated with the spatial qualities formed by our surroundings and their effect on our senses, health and well-being. I believe the combination of light, texture and nature are the essential ingredients for creating successful designs; whether in the home, at work or wider landscapes.

    I have used these elements to craft a number of schemes at Studio Egret West, from park-side living in Mayfield to new civic workspaces. Following the pandemic, I’ve been working with the team to develop new approaches to workplace design in response to our evolving behaviours: centring the workplace at the heart of the neighbourhood, focussing on well-being with adaptive and flexible conditions to meet the needs of the worker.

    Creativity starts with curiosity. Discovering the essence of a place through historical research, revealing lost connections to re-stitch an urban fabric, and learning from local motifs and typologies enriches the design narrative and grounds it with specificity.