• ‘Forward thinking welsh music industry showcase’

  • Paulina Parvanov (raspberry soda / Waves Vienna, Austria)

    Paulina Parvanov, professional juggler when it comes to jobs in the music industry: artist manager by day, CEO of ‘raspberry soda’ by night. Paulina founded her Vienna-based music and PR agency ‘raspberry soda’ shortly before the pandemic hit Europe – based in Vienna, ‘raspberry soda’ is still active, developing artists such as Another Vision, ERNST and Brinkmann. Her extensive experience in the industry led to Paulina’s current roles as project manager at Waves Vienna, the Austrian Music Fund and the m+ academy.

    With a degree in journalism and public relations, she uses her communication skills to build sustainable networks within the music industry that advocate for a fairer and more diverse infrastructure. To achieve change on a structural level as well, she is a committee member in several key institutions of the Austrian music industry such as FAMA Film and Music Austria of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and the collecting society LSG.

    Paulina is also an active board member of the Austrian Trade Association of Independent Labels and Music Publishers and of IMPALA, where she campaigns for the interests of independent labels.