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    BBC Radio Wales
  • Rhiannon Bramley (Bucks Music Group & BDi Music)

    Rhiannon didn’t take the usual route into the music industry. Despite studying English & German at University, she had always been a keen musician and had always been intrigued by the industry. She started off as an intern / assistant at Bounce Publishing based in South Wales, which was headed up by Charlotte Church. At Bounce, she assisted a small team and quickly got involved with the licencing and sync departments, helping to manage the catalogue. Rhiannon also worked for Morgan-Bell Management as an Assistant Artist Manager where she worked with Kizzy Crawford, Sion Russell Jones and Paper Aeroplanes. In 2016 Rhiannon started as a PA/Creative Assistant at BDi Music & Bucks Music Group. After learning the ropes of a publishing A&R and bringing in new ideas she was promoted to A&R coordinator in 2018, where she was given a roster to work and freedom to start signing new writers. In 2020 she was promoted to A&R and now holds an eclectic roster of artist/writers, writer/producers and topliners, ranging from folk, to indie-pop, to rock and jazz and much more.