• ‘One of the UK’s best festivals’


    Our music video competition features some of the best new work from musicians and filmmakers in Wales around the world.

    • GRIEF by Connor Allen, Sing Amewudah-Rivers, REDBRCK
    • Paper by AL Lacey – Sorrell Chrystal Kerrison
    • Borderlines by Julius Eastwood – Julia Pentz
    • Forget Me Not Blue by MACY – Will Langley
    • Bad Apple by Sailor Honeymoon – 태영 Taeyoung 김 Kim
    • Drama Queen by Tara Bandito – Tara Bethan
    • DVTR – Jean-Vital Joliat
    • I’m Cute by Kima Otung – Kima Otung
    • Byth Bythol by MELLT – JAG Hodges
    • Dancing Round The Morning Sun by Otto Aday – Myles Docherty