• “FOCUS Wales is a truly special event”

    BBC Radio Wales
  • Satria Ramadhan (AXEAN Festival / SRM Bookings & Services, Indonesia)

    I am a music industry person with over 16 years of experience in band management, booking agency, and tour planning. I founded SRM Management & Booking Agent in 2011, a company that provides professional services and support for local artists, such as SORE, rumahsakit, Tanayu, Thee Marloes, Sunwich, Littlefingers, bangkutaman and many more. I have successfully organized and facilitated multiple tours and events across Asia, including creating event like Record Store Day in Indonesia, Cassette Week, etc. I have Record Store called Heyfolks! Since 2006.

    I am also a co-founder of AXEAN Festival, a platform that connects regional artists to the global music stage. Since 2020, we have launched online and live events in Singapore, featuring emerging talents from Southeast Asia. As a country head at Fungjai, an online music media based in Thailand, I lead the Indonesian team and oversee the content, marketing, and partnerships. My mission is to promote and celebrate the diversity and creativity of the music scene in Southeast Asia, and to foster collaboration and exchange among musicians, media, and audiences. I am passionate about music, culture, and innovation, and I always seek new opportunities and challenges to learn and grow.