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    Do you know that every time you perform your music at a licensed venue you are owed a royalty?

    Our partner Sentric Music can help you to collect these royalties – not only when you play live but also when your songs are broadcast, streamed, downloaded or used in a variety of other ways.

    Sentric is an independent music publisher offering royalty collection and synchronisation services on a contract that doesn’t tie you down. Thousands of artists use them to collect royalties from live performance, broadcast and other sources worldwide. It’s free to join and you can leave at any point with 28 days’ notice. Sentric will take a small cut of what they earn you while you retain 100% of your copyright. Simple!

    [You can earn between £5 and £1000+ every time you perform live and £50+ every time your music is played on a major radio station. Sentric also work on high profile sync opportunities which you’ll be able to apply for once you’ve signed up. Sentric have had their artists’ music placed in campaigns for brands such as Reebok and O2 and TV productions such as Skins, Made In Chelsea and the title music for Sky Sports’ flagship Saturday Night Football show.]

    To find out more and sign up, head over to www.sentricmusic.com now!