• ‘Forward thinking welsh music industry showcase’

  • Global Music Match


    Created in a world first collaboration between founding partners Showcase Scotland Expo, Sounds Australia and East Coast Music Association (ECMA), along with export organisations and showcase events from around the world, Global Music Match is an initiative created to continue raising the profile of local artists in international music markets within the challenging parameters of the COVID 19 pandemic.

    The program is a unique response to the limitations imposed on the music industry, that makes use of the only available platform – social media and peer-to-peer collaboration – to increase networks and exposure for export-ready artists internationally.


    What is Global Music Match?

    GMM is a network to promote artists in new territories, develop social media skills and interaction, grow audiences and connect musicians globally.

    How does it work?

    Each week, one band/musician from each country will ‘introduce’ another artist from a different country, engaging with them on social media to cross promote to their audiences. This is reciprocated for everyone involved, meaning that participating artists will be presented via social networks across a range of participating international artist’s online audiences. Up to six artists will be selected from Wales and placed into groups. Each group will comprise 6 artists, one from Wales and five from five other countries. The initiative will run for 8 weeks and begin on the 10th of August and conclude on the 28th September. The first two weeks will involve preparation for the rollout of Global Music Match on the 24th of August and will include assistance with social media training (if required), assets preparation (including helping you with video content) as well as webinars etc on each of the other nations aimed at supporting you to maximise your post content for those nations and also help you with information about touring there.

    What is the aim?

    Breaking artists into a new territory or country is a challenging process, exacerbated by the pandemic as traditional international showcasing opportunities reduce. This programme aims to develop new audience bases for artists in a range of international locations, providing a groundwork for future international touring development. The programme will also support participating artists to upskill their social media activity, as well as encourage cross border artist collaboration.

    How can musicians take part?

    Please read the guidance and complete the application form below by 5pm Friday 24th July 2020.

    What other countries are involved?

    Global Music Match is supported by multiple export organisations including Showcase Scotland Expo, Sounds Australia, ECMA Canada, English Folk Expo, Music Finland, Iceland Music, Puglia Sounds (Italy), Music Norway, LUCfest Taiwan and FOCUS Wales.

    Will I be supported throughout the intitiative?

    Yes you will be supported. Each team of 6 artists will have a team coach who will be there to help all 6 artists throughout the process. In addition FOCUS Wales will assist all the Welsh artists throughout the process.



    1. Artists’ work must be rooted in the acoustic, folk, roots, Welsh language, traditional, or world music genres.
    2. Artists will have a demonstrable track record of performance in the UK including e.g. live reviews, festival and venue performances.
    3. Artists must be able to demonstrate the ability to maximise the promotional opportunities that FOCUS Wales affords e.g. strong web and social networking presence, credible mailing lists, promotional product for the event, EPK/Live footage available.
    4. Artists must be able to articulate their rationale for applying and relevance to their career.
    5. must be willing to undertake press activity, including interviews, as requested.
    6. Artists must be able to provide access to a streaming links. Pre-exisiting video footage is also likely to increase artists’ chances of selection.
    7. Evidence of existing international interest or support is required.
    8. Artists must agree to engage for the duration of the initiative and if you are a band then ALL band members must agree to participate.
    9. Artists must agree to a minimum of 3 postings a week for the other five team members (the same as will be offered to you by the other five members) one of these must be an interview. Each post must tag Global Music Match and the other artists involved.
    10. Artists must agree to provide evaluation info as required to FOCUS Wales, this will include information as to increases in social media stats as a result of participation.
    11. Artists must be resident in Wales.
    12. Applications must be received by 5pm on Friday the 24th of July 2020.
    13. By completing this application you agree that that you are the owner of the performance, or if you are not the owner that you have the permission from the owner for this streaming by FOCUS Wales, Global Music Match and the international artists and export agencies involved.


    What is the commitment for artists?

    Each week, you will be required to:
    – publish 3x posts on each main social media platform for consecutive 5 weeks
    – take part in an hour long zoom meeting with your team
    – create content for sharing on social media with the other artists in your team (ie a zoom interview, presentation to camera, a graphic or other content)

    Why would I participate?

    – Grow your audiences in 5 overseas territories in preparation for future international touring
    – Develop your social media skills
    – Discover great music
    – Network with bands from across the world, creating opportunities for future collaborations
    – Create new content to engage your fans
    – Be featured in a major international project with music export organisations across the world.

    How are the artists selected?

    Artists based in Wales will be selected by FOCUS Wales based on music quality, audience reach and export readiness. Other artists participating will be selected by their respective export organisations based on similar criteria.

    How are the artists matched?

    Each country will put forward between six and twelve artists for inclusion in the programme. The artists will be matched by the participating export organisations based on audience reach, music type and preference for new territory exposure. Artists will be put into teams of 6 plus one international coach. There will always be an element of ‘pot luck’ in the matching of teams and participating artists should be aware that they will not have an input into the artists matched into your team.

    What happens if I don’t think my audiences will like the music I’m sharing?

    This is an exciting international project and all musicians selected to take part will be the very best that the export organisations can find. However not all music is to everyone’s taste, but by making it clear to your own audiences that you have been selected to be part of this project, and by using the Global Music Match branding and tags, there is scope for presenting these 5 artists to your audiences as part of this programme rather than personal endorsements.

    Will all the artists have a minimum audience reach?

    Not necessarily. Some of the participating countries and territories have different approaches to social media reach for their music. GMM will provide all participating artists with a guide to each territory’s music market. However, all participating export organisations have committed to sourcing artists with enough engagement and profile to give the opportunity for audience development. This means all participating artists will have a strong national audience and be able to provide direct artist-to-artist routes into their home territories.