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  • Blackout On Mars (Hong Kong)

    Blackout On Mars is the solo music project of Justin Leung, a Hong Kong music producer. With a passion for Neo-Soul, Folk, and Alt-Rock, B.O.M.’s (Blackout On Mars) music incorporates experimental elements and blurs the line between fiction and reality, drawing inspiration from bustling city life.  B.O.M. will be joined by experimental percussionist, Yion, in this special FOCUS Wales performance.

    In 2022, B.O.M. debuted with the ambient-folk EP “Blackout On Mars.” This captivating release, characterised by its dark atmosphere and ethereal acoustic guitars, presents B.O.M.’s unique perspective on fragments of urban life. Shortly after, in the same year, he released the acoustic EP “Searching In Isolation.” Recorded in the confines of a quarantine hotel bathroom, this seven-day experiment delves into the expression of innermost emotions within an unfamiliar environment.

    In 2023, Blackout On Mars unveiled its first full-length album, “Work Of Fiction.” Inspired by soulful grooves and fearlessly venturing into Folk and Alternative Rock, the album builds upon the themes explored in the previous EPs. “Work Of Fiction” introduces a diverse cast of characters, each with their own captivating stories derived from everyday life. Tracks such as “Just Wait A Minute” capture moments of existential dread upon waking up, while the collaborative single with Peace Lo, “I’ve Been Waiting For So Long,” delves into the insignificance and loneliness one experiences in the vastness of a megacity. From spontaneous thoughts about human evolution in “Paratoxic” to an exploration of human cruelty in “I Wish,” the album covers a wide range of thought-provoking topics. Closing with the acoustic ballad “We Will Find a Way Everytime” inspired by the novels “Goodbye Tsugumi” and “Norwegian Wood,” and the poignant duet “The Last Page” featuring Steven Lai, the album offers a reflective glimpse into the thoughts of a spirit observing their gravestone. Additionally, in 2023, B.O.M. produced two captivating animated music videos: a 360 interactive MV for “Film Rolls In My Closet” and a visually striking digital collage-inspired MV for “I’ve Been Waiting For So Long.”

    In 2024, Blackout On Mars released the single “Never Be Awake,” a contemplative Jazz-rock composition exploring the themes of love and delusion. The protagonist grapples with maintaining a sense of clarity as solitary conversations transform into self-illusions, gradually consuming her from within. “Never Be Awake” features the talents of Baobao @uchu_yurei on Drums and Matt @tes.band on Flute, and serves as the first installment in a series of songs delving into the complexities of modern love.

    Blackout On Mars is presented by Ear Up Music, Hong Kong.

    Thursday May 9th, 2024 7:50 pmThu @ Hope Street Church
    Saturday May 11th, 2024 3:20 pmSat @ HWB