• Winner of Best Festival for Emerging Talent at UK Festival Awards

  • Bored Marsh

    Recognised as one of the brightest hopes coming out of Nottingham right now, Bored Marsh are an alternative rock 4-piece, their name referencing a now derelict shopping centre & lack of progress in their hometown through Government funding cuts and austerity, who are starting to draw the recognition and attention of those further afield.

    Formed via lockdown demo-sharing, their reverb-soaked dynamic sound combines soaring melodic vocal and guitar harmonies, with darker, heavier sections. Taking inspiration from various eras of guitar music over recent decades, from early post-punk and grunge, through to more recent shoegaze and new wave influences, references include the likes of Interpol and Radiohead.

    Performing live since the end of 2022, their reputation increases at pace receiving praise from the likes of Under The Radar, BBC Radio, and Louder Than War. Debut single “The Grind” released in May 2023 was picked up and featured on Made in Chelsea of all places, with the band also recognised by the likes of God Is In The TV, and as a Spotlight Artist by The Unsigned Guide.

    Recent performances include playing to a heaving Rough Trade Nottingham for DHP’s Beat The Streets Festival, prime slots at Waterfront and Riverside festivals last summer, as well as sell-out shows supporting the likes of The Warlocks and New Candys. 

    Bored Marsh are performing as Special Guests for Eyre Llew at their hometown comeback show in March, and have slots secured at this year’s FOCUS Wales as well as Dot to Dot festival later on in May.  With more recorded material due this later this year beyond their two singles to date, Bored Marsh are well and truly on the rise.

    Rightly recognised as one of the brightest indie hopes in the city right now. Their show in Rough Trade is effortlessly tight, their seismic, dark, melancholy indie rock filling the room. Nottingham’s Interpol? Yeah, sure, Shades of The Walkmen? Yeah. Glimmers of Editors? You bet. Radiohead’s angsty melodies. Totally. But all wrapped in anthemic indie. Bored Marsh are anything but boring.” Under The Radar

    “the in-joke quality of their name will be outweighed by the expansive nature of their sound when it comes to picking up of a potential national following; there is a strident confidence to their reverb-dipped sound which sounds ready made for big things already.”  Louder Than War

    “Bored Marsh have picked up the mantel where Editors dropped it a decade ago… This is everything that was great about that period in the mid 00’s. Urgent, gothic post-punk with pop melodies and sensibilities makes an epic debut single.”  God Is In The TV

    “Such a phenomenal track/debut – major Sonic Youth vibes with some great individualism too. Can’t wait for more.”  James Kilkenny (Clash/Louder Than War)“Haunting vocals, guitar riffs popping up all over the place, bomb shelter bass playing and the steadiest of rock steady drumming. This band was a perfect fit for the Rough Trade fans, I don’t recall the room this packed for a very long time.” Left Lion

    Saturday May 11th, 2024 4:05 pmSat @ The Parish