• Winner of Best Festival for Emerging Talent at UK Festival Awards

  • Elena Játiva (Spain)

    Elena Játiva is the sound of something that breaks and mends with time and damage. The young artist defines herself as the melody of those who, one day, gave and lost everything in a bet in which no one can win: existence. It is the song of those who maintain the hope of finding themselves again. That small, almost insignificant, and tenuous, so tenuous, beam of light that crosses a dark room of introspection, non conformism
    and pain.

    Tremendously reflective compositions for her youth, a magical voice that stirs the entrails and intensity as a standard. Elena Játiva opens her inner world and her musical sensitivity wide open to show us her talent.

    In late 2022, the young singer and composer has released “La insoportable intensidad del ser”, her first album, which has been produced by Tono Hurtado, and in which she has also been able to count on Toni Carrillo in the arrangements and guitar recordings. In addition, Tono Hurtado is part of the band that will accompany the artist in her live performances from now on. Elena captures us with her particular and intimate way of talking to us about her perspective on life, not only in the lyrics of her songs, but also in the atmosphere she creates in each of the songs, which ask you for more and more of her.

    Friday May 10th, 2024 1:45 pmFri @ Hope Street Church
    Friday May 10th, 2024 5:10 pmFri @ The Royal Oak