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  • Logic Lost (Indonesia)

    Logic Lost is the moniker of experimental electronic artist Dylan Amirio. Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, Logic Lost uses abrasive drones, heavy rhythms, aggressive beats, and lush textures to convey a sound inspired by personal experiences and the urban environments of his home country, presented in the biggest, loudest way possible.

    As an artist, Logic Lost has been active since 2015 and has released various albums which employ different themes and musical styles, ranging from drone, dark ambient, breakbeats, techno, gabber, noise, and tinges of metal. His first release Runaway (2015) used IDM-inspired rhythms under the narrative of escapism. Forgive Yourself (2018) explored the feelings of guilt and trauma through a more ambient-driven sound. Hero Worship (2020) is framed as one long track which morphs and shifts to address existentialism in the face of rising capitalistic values. His most recent album, Degenerates (2022), presents a more aggressive sound that is themed around urban survival against unwanted forces and obsolete norms.

    Logic Lost’s live shows are noted for its large, heart-pounding sound, and eye catching visuals. He has brought his show to international festivals such as SONIK Philippines (Cebu, 2023), EarHub (Hong Kong, 2023), AXEAN Festival (Singapore, 2022), Tokyo Beyond (Japan, 2022) and Bangkok Music City (Thailand, 2019). He has also toured Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia either as a live show or DJ sets.

    Logic Lost is currently signed to Orange Cliff Records (Bandung) and has released singles and EPs with Sonido Atmosferico (Argentina), Blank.Orb (Jakarta), DEAD Records (Jakarta), Sprechen (UK), and Tandem Tapes

    Saturday May 11th, 2024 4:10 pmSat @ Hope Street Church