• ‘Forward thinking welsh music industry showcase’

  • Mr Phormula

    Mr Phormula is a pioneering live looping artist, rapper and producer. With a career as diverse as the Welsh landscape within which he is rooted Mr Phormula’s inspired performances and vocal compositions have gained him international recognition as a leading beatboxer, rapper and producer.

    The fluidity of Mr Phormula’s bilingualism is distinctive and this, along with slick rhythms, compelling bass lines and vocal dexterity, have earned him a broad and committed fanbase from across Cymru, the UK and the USA. Collaborations with hip hop greats including Krs One, The Pharcyde, Jungle Brothers, Guilty Simpson, Akil The Mc also highlight the quality and range of Mr Phormula’s music production talents which compliment the poetic nature of his bilingualism.

    This artist’s innovative new releases continue to grow the Welsh hip-hop scene at home while promoting this dynamic bilingual genre abroad.

    Saturday May 11th, 2024 6:35 pmSat @ HWB