• Winner of Best Festival for Emerging Talent at UK Festival Awards


    PAPERHOUSE came to life the moment the lockdown ended in 2020 led by the visionary North Wales musician Andy Hickie. Andy was eager to get back into the music scene, collaborating with friends across the country, creating music, recording, and performing. The journey began with Andy making regular trips from Wrexham to Cardiff, spending days in a flat jamming and recording with members of Gulp, Eye, and Ghostlawns. Armed with synths, guitar, and beats, and influenced by the likes of CAN and the prog rock sound, Andy developed a template for his singer-songwriter experience, crafting pieces of music that traveled with him. Inviting other musicians back in Wrexham to interpret these pieces in their own way allowed the music to evolve into a unique entity.

    The Wrexham collective now includes members from bands such as Baby Brave, Heal The Last Stand, Eitha Da, and rapper Tony Star. The fusion of rock, hip hop, psychedelia, and a blend of languages, performing in Welsh, Portuguese, and English, gives Paperhouse a dynamic edge. The band’s ethos is to ‘celebrate life, friendship, and community.’ Collaborating, jamming, and improvising draw people in, creating an intuitive, positive vibe at the PAPERHOUSE Party experience. PAPERHOUSE are set to captivate music lovers with the release of their debut single and video ‘Dance Be Free,’ on April 5th through ‘Hound Sound Records. ‘Dance Be Free’ will
    take you on a sonic journey that draws parallels to the genre-blending magic of Gorillaz or The Super Furry Animals.

    PAPERHOUSE’s live performances have been described as “mesmeric, moving, sweaty, and completely overwhelming”. One enthusiast from iDreamofPiesPhotography raved, “Their performance was simply knockout. I didn’t want it to end.”

    Friday May 10th, 2024 6:45 pmFri @ The Rockin' Chair Room 2