• ‘an astounding and diverse line-up’

    The Line of Best Fit
  • Po Griff

    Thousands of years after the death of Merlin, Po Griff was born in a caravan in the woods of West Wales, a few miles away from where the magician was said to have roamed. The free party rave scene was on its last legs, dragging itself from hill to hill. The robots had yet to take over. Music appeared to be the only thing left of any value, Po sat there wide-eyed, taking it all in. One day, he went to the circus and met a Greek boy by the name of Minas. Minas was traveling with the show but felt lost. They hit it off when they realised they both shared the world view that music was the only thing left of any value. They started crafting a rap album and would repeatedly say that they were “gassed” even though the term had yet to be popularised. They are now almost ready to unveil their time capsule from the last of the free range humans. A random few will hear it before its release, only if they are lucky enough to stumble upon them testing out the material in one of Wales’s many run down pubs, where people used to talk to each other.

    Saturday May 11th, 2024 5:30 pmSat @ Old No.7