• ‘an absolute smorgasbord of musical delights’

    Under The Radar Magazine
  • TRAVO (Portugal)

    Hailing from the soul-stirring city of Braga in Portugal, TRAVO is a relentless four-piece powerhouse, commanding attention with their unique fusion of high-octane heavy psych and an unapologetic, in-your-face garage rock attitude. Prepare to be thrust into a maelstrom of sound as TRAVO catapults you through a rock and roll odyssey that shatters norms as ignites the stage.

    Their sonic saga escalated with the unleashing of their sophomore album, “Sinking Creation,” in February 2022. This release catapulted TRAVO to the forefront of both national and international stages, setting the scene for a rollercoaster of sonic exploration that would define their path. “Sinking Creation” not only defined their signature blend of blistering heavy psych and gritty garage rock, but it birthed a revolution of raw, unadulterated sound that they’ve since wielded like a sonic weapon.

    TRAVO’s unmistakable essence is forged at their live spectacles, where the boundaries between reality and auditory ecstasy blur. Their live performances transcend mere shows; they’re volcanic eruptions of rock and roll energy, captivating audiences with the intensity of a rock and roll freakout. From the guttural cries to the electrifying guitar solos, TRAVO possesses an uncanny ability to make every performance a visceral experience, a testament to their rock and roll ethos.

    However, their magic doesn’t stop at live performances. TRAVO is a sonic chimera, drawing influences from the diverse realms of psych, garage, prog-rock, and even the visceral realm of trash-metal. Imagine a darker incarnation of King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard, a sonic alchemy that fuses the arcane and the modern into an intoxicating brew. With each riff, they lay claim to the legacy of rock, twisting it into their own image.

    In an epoch where authenticity is a rarity, TRAVO is a blazing comet of unapologetic sound. Their upcoming album, “Astromorph God,” set to shatter reality at the end of 2023, promises to redefine their sonic frontiers yet again. Adding to the saga, TRAVO partnered with Spain’s Spinda Records for global distribution, a testament to their expanding influence.

    Friday May 10th, 2024 6:30 pmFri @ Wynnstay Hotel