• ‘an incredible international showcase’

    CLASH Magazine
  • White Feather Kiss

    WFK released their self-recorded EP, ‘The Elephant Graveyard’, in 2018. They promoted the release with a fluid lineup, using various guest guitarists. After a four-year hiatus, they recruited a pianist and wrote new material, which they debuted at the Wrexfest 10 year anniversary. “Dark, brooding melodies, over powerful rhythms underpinned with a strong song writing ethic, recalling some of the Manics’ darkest hours.” We call it gothic with a small ‘g’. Same difference I guess.

    Thursday May 9th, 2024 5:10 pmThu @ The Royal Oak
    Saturday May 11th, 2024 6:00 pmSat @ The Rockin' Chair Room 2